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Monday, November 26, 2007


I think that this lesson goes without saying. We need it and variations of it routinely through out our lives. As a parent I am always trying to teach my children principles not just "do this now", "do that now". I hope that this lesson teaches a principle. It also has many resources. I like to gather more than I need so that I can adjust to how things are going that night and what my kids are responding to.

Adapted from the Primary 1: I am a Child of God manual for FHE

To strengthen each child’s desire to obey heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and to obey his or her parents.

John 14:15

Attention Activity
Ask your children to do several actions, such as stand up, turn around reach up high, touch their toes, and sit down. Remember to say thank you for doing as you asked. Explain that they were being obedient. They obeyed your instructions.

Show a picture of your children when they were babies.
who does this picture show?

Talk about how each of us came to earth as a baby. Remind the children that because babies are so small and helpless, they need someone older and bigger to take care of them.
Who took care of you when you were a baby?
Who takes care of you now?

Explain that you love them very much and want them to be safe and happy.
Talk about rules of things that your children are not to do, things that might hurt them or make them unhappy. (example: playing in the street, touching the stove fighting with family members or friends)

Talk about things that your children can safely and happily do. (example: playing with toys, friends, and family, being kind to others.)
Why are these things ok?
Why should we obey Mom and/or Dad?

When we obey our parents, we can feel happy. Our parents are also happy when we obey.

Story Ben Obeys
Friend Magazine October 2006
Song “Quickly I’ll Obey”
Children’s Songbook p. 197

Our Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to obey our parents. Show a Picture of the Sermon on the Mount (GAK 212). Explain that when Jesus was on the earth, he taught the people what Heavenly Father wanted them to do. These teachings are called commandments. Hold up the scriptures. Tell the children that the commandments are written in the scriptures.

Talk about some of commandments the children can obey. Utilize Beatitude Flip Book, pictures, or other objects to emphasize the concepts. (example: Love our families, Pray to Heavenly Father, Attend Church meetings, Be kind to others)

Scripture Story Shadrach Meshach and Abed-nego as found in Daniel 3.
(GAK 116, Living Scripture Video: Daniel)

Testimony of obeying our parents and Heavenly Father’s commandments brings happiness.


Janalee said...

I cannot get the beatitude flip book link to work. Is there a link?

Nancy said...

I will contact the person who posted and see if she can get the link.

Ryan Annette Kaylie & James said...

I believe I have fixed the link. If it still doesn't work the booklet can be found in the April 2004 Friend Magazine on

Brady Fam said...

I'm from Vegas and just getting my little family into FHE. Wonderful lesson. Was great with my 3 1/2 yr old daughter. (My 19 mo. old hung in for a good moment. ha.) We introduced our 3 official rules through this lesson.
1. We Obey Mommy and Daddy
2. We use happy voices
girls tend to scream n' whine too easily)
3. We share

You posted this 3 years ago and it's still used! Thanks!!