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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Emergency Preparedness

I got this idea from a talk today:

Teach your child to memorize his full name, home phone number, address, parents' full names, Grandma's phone number, etc.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Family Scripture Study

How do you study the scriptures with your family? I got this idea from one of my meetings:

Have your child repeat a verse back to you, one small phrase at a time. Our family scripture reading consists of just 10 verses (I know, we're wimps! But hey, we're consistent, so that should count for something, right?). Randy and I take turns reading a verse at a time. We let Andrew repeat back two of the verses and then we'll usually paraphrase what we just read. We're usually done in about 5 minutes, which is usually all Andrew will sit for.

One more thing, in this month's Friend, there's a reading program to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. There's two versions (one for the older kids & adults where you read the entire book and one for the younger kids where you read selected chapters). We decided to do the "younger ages" version. Again, I know we are wimps, but it helps because it's easier to paraphrase.

I would love to hear what you do with your family....

The Plan of Salvation

The Univeristy of Utah 2nd ward Primary is putting out a monthly fhe idea that goes along with the monthly theme. I will be posting an extended version on the blog since it is easier to attach scriptures, stories, activities, and visual aids... isn't that why we all use the computer and blog! Have fun and let the other moms know that this reasource is available to them.

Objective: To teach our Hevenly Father's Plan and of our Divine Destiny

Song: “ I lived in Heaven” (CS #4)

Scripture: Pslam 82:6 Moses 1:39

Thought: Margaret Lifferth, The Plan of Happiness, Friend, Jan 2005

Many people want to know where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going. Heavenly Father's plan of happiness answers these questions.
Before we were born, we all lived together in heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We learned and grew as much as we could. But eventually Heavenly Father gathered all His children in a council and told us that to become like Him, we must leave heaven for a time. He would create an earth for us, He would give us the freedom to choose between good and evil, and He would show us the way to know what is good. He would provide a Savior so that when we sinned, we could repent and still return to Him.
We came to earth to gain a body and walk by faith. We can't remember our home in heaven, but we can choose the right by following the example of Jesus, obeying our parents, and living My Gospel Standards.
After we die, we will all live again because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He overcame death through the Resurrection, and everyone will be resurrected. He also overcame sin, and those who have faith, repent, are baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and keep the commandments will return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They will have the gift of eternal life, which is what the plan of happiness is all about.

Ideas for presenting The Plan of Salvation:

One of my favorite ideas is the room to room aproach: You can use your home or another building to take those you teach on a “journey” through the plan. One room could be designated as the “premortal world,” another room could represent “earth life,” a third room could represent the “spirit world,” and the last room could represent the “celestial kingdom,” which might be where treats are located at the lesson’s end! You could talk about how we go through the doors of birth, death, and resurrection. Death could be explained as part of the plan—going from one room to the next. It might be useful to point out before anyone moves from room to room that someone had to plan and build the house we are all in. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the architects and builders of the plan of salvation (see also Christine Wright, “Walking Through the Plan of Salvation,”Ensign, Aug. 1999, 72).

General Authority Message: Richard G. Scott, Heavenly Father’s Plan,” Friend, Jun 2003,7.
One of the most [thrilling] moments of your life—when you were filled with anticipation, excitement, and gratitude—you are not able to remember. That experience occurred in the premortal life when you were informed that finally your time had come to leave the spirit world to dwell on earth with a mortal body. …
… You had been reserved to come when the fulness of the gospel is on earth. You arrived when His Church and the priesthood authority to perform the sacred temple ordinances are in place. You anticipated being born into a home where parents would be expected to love, nurture, strengthen, and teach you truths. You knew that in time you would have the opportunity to form your own eternal family as husband or wife, father or mother. Oh, how you must have rejoiced with that prospect. …
… Eve and Adam formed the first family. God declared, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave [cling] unto his wife” (Moses 3:24). They had children who also formed families. “And Adam and Eve, his wife, ceased not to call upon God” (Moses 5:16). The pattern of families essential to Father’s plan of happiness was established, and our need to continually “call upon God” emphasized. You are in the midst of living that plan. …
Throughout your life on earth, seek diligently to fulfill the fundamental purposes of this life through the ideal family. While you may not have yet reached that ideal, do all you can through obedience and faith in the Lord to consistently draw as close to it as you are able. …
Put first things first. Do the best you can while on earth to have an ideal family. To help you do that, ponder and apply the principles in the proclamation on the family. I testify that the Lord lives. He loves you. As you live worthily and honestly seek His help, He will guide and strengthen you to know His will and to be able to do it.

Song: “I Will Follow God’s Plan” (CS #164)